The Lye Saga
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Story thirteen:

Some stuff happens, and the saga officially ends....*tear* also by my best friend rob.......

Last time, in Story 12: An evil man known as Marvin brought the smurfoid called Reggie to life as his slave. But Reggie turned on him and absorbed his power through his mystic hat. Krillin and Goku who had witnessed this got the rest of the gang and conftronted Reggie. Cornelius was the first to fight and got absorbed by the hat. But wait! Halamoii has gone Super Saiyan! Will her power be enough?

Story 13: The Battle Rages On!

"Daddy! You son of a bitch! You took my daddy!" Halamoii cried out as her hair flashed golden and her eyes turned green. She had gone Super Saiyan for the first time! She flew at Reggie full force. He barely dodged her fist and was hit with a blast right in his gut. He flew several feet into the air when she slam her fists into him causing him to fly down into the ground. She flew towards the ground, about to kick Reggie when he jumped out of the way. He fired a ki blast that hit her with more force than any attack Vegeta had ever used on her and sent her flying. She landed it and kicked him in the jaw. She tried to punch him but he caught her fist. She tried again with the other fist and he caught it too. Halamoii then smacked her head off his. He let go of her fists and fell back holding his head.

"What a sec. When he absorbed Cornelius why didn't he gain alot of strength?" Trunks asked Goten.

"Your right! His power level only went up by about one thousand! But why?"

"I don't know, but we gotta find out. Maybe it'll lead us to his weak point!" Trunks and Goten slipped away from the battle and flew to Capsule, and told Bulma about it. Trunks gave her some of the green smurf blood he found on his shirt.

"Ok, I'll check it out and let ya know. Now what are you doing standing around here? GO BACK AND FIGHT!" They jumped at the sound of her voice and flew back to the battle.


"Destructo-Disc!" Halamoii charged one of the many attacks Krillin had taught her and launched it at Reggie.

"Ha!" Reggie called as the disc flew towards him. He stood and watched it close in on him. Feeling that nothing could hurt him, he let it hit him. It sliced through his arm and scarred the side of his body.

"You little Brat! That really fucking hurt! Now your gonna pay!" With that, Reggie threw his good arm into the air and focus an energy ball the size of an elephants left ass check and launched it at Halamoii. It hit her with awesome force and launched her back into the hands of the others.

"You should rest, we'll get your daddy back."

"NO! I have to get him!" Halamoii ran at Reggie and lauched almost 75 ki blast at him. Every attack hit him, but that wasn't enough. Halamoii jumped into the air and laid a kick in Reggie's jaw. Reggie pulled back his hand to launch a blast but Halamoii pulled him into a full nelson.

"Let me go you little Puke!" Reggie acted like he wasn't struggling.

"You let my daddy go! NOW!" Halamoii exploded with power and nearly broke Reggie's neck.

"Fine! But let me go first!"


Note: After rereading some of the Lye Saga stories, i've decided to screw it all and go for corny shortlived half-ass stories.

Suddenly Krillin decided they needed to finish him off. He used the secret that Alzo taught him.... aw fuck it, sorry people, the lye saga's dead.